I know I can be rather protectiveĀ of our young guys in New York. I know I’d take a bullet for KP, and I’m starting to feel the same way for Clint Frazier… and he hasn’t even had an at bat in the bigs!

So when I see this Instagram post with the caption “before & after pic šŸ¦” posing with Carrot Top, I’m a little disturbed.

Clint Frazier Carrot Top Instagram.png

Clint, I am beyond excited for you in pinstripes. Shoot for your “after” to be a little better than Carrot Top! I mean… look at this face. Is that what you want your future to be?

Carrot Top

I get the ginger connection, but come on man. There’s plenty of successful big haired red heads you can compare yourself to… like… uh… Okay, maybe there isn’t. But it’s okay to be the first “great” ginger.

Aim higher brother. We believe in you.