So Adam Silver finally has come out and made a statement about NBA coaches sitting superstar players because fans and TV networks are getting PISSED.

“Decisions of this kind… can affect fans and business partners, impact our reputation and damage the perception of our game,” Silver wrote in the memo, which was obtained by The Associated Press. “With so much at stake, it is simply not acceptable for governors to be uninvolved or to defer decision-making authority on these matters to others in their organizations…Please also be reminded that under current league rules teams are required to provide notice to the league office, their opponent and the media immediately upon a determination that a player will not participate in a game due to rest… Failure to abide by these rules will result in significant penalties.”

I respect Adam Silver’s wording of this difficult statement. He has a pretty tough decision to make when it comes time at the end of this season, and I wish him the best of luck because he can get boned either way he goes with on this.

At every level of athletics coaches have the ability to rest players when they feel necessary and usually it is for good reasoning. This is professional sports though people. These guys are paid millions to play sports we love but don’t have the ability to achieve their level, so we pay to see the magic happen. To have fans buying tickets to games way in advance to see LeBron and Steph, getting fucked over because Steve Kerr and Tyronn Lue need to give their work horses extra time to SIT ON THEIR THUMBS is ass.

Listen I can understand LeBron saying Popovich has done this for awhile (which he has) but the Spurs got fined for it YOU IDIOT. They paid $250,000 for resting players under David Stern’s rule, and no one has even mentioned fining the Cavs. We haven’t even talked about the fact that the Spurs can still win games without their stars – they remain efficient.

Have the Cavs even come close to winning a game when the “Big 3” sat? NO! They’ve gotten absolutely analed. And arguably the most important people (**cough cough** you betting folks out there **cough cough**), just get royally screwed… or make out like bandits.

So you disrupt the betting world, screw over fans, and cause your TV networks, sponsors, and owners losses in money?

I DO NOT AGREE. This “thumb sitting” cannot go on! Go Adam Silver – fine the SHIT OUT OF THEM!



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