Revolutionary. Unreal. A step forward for society.

Just a few short descriptions I have to explain this new coffee table that is (or at least should be) sweeping the nation. The Sobro Coffee Table is in a class of it’s own.

“Featuring a refrigerator drawer with enough space for 30 beers, two outlets, two USB charging ports, a pair of bass-heavy speakers and underside LED lights for setting the mood, the Sobro is Bluetooth-ready and can also be controlled via a touchscreen in its tempered glass tabletop.

Before I go on to discuss my new-found love, let me ask a simple question: What has your coffee table ever done for you? I’ll answer for you. Your coffee table has served as a table and nothing more then that.

With this FINE new piece of equipment you will instantly have panties hitting the floor. Whether your chilling a thirty of Natty, a bottle of white, or playing boner jams and setting the mood with some LED lights, I can guarantee this table will provide your classy living room with something you won’t ever want to live without.

Oh, you need to charge your phone? BANG! There’s an outlet and USB port. Oh, the Knicks are losing and you need a beer? BANG! A cold one at your feet. Things are getting sexual on the coach between you and a lady? BANG! Lights and music.

Need I say more? Oh wait… I can!

For a limited time only this thing is selling for $500 on Indiegogo. I walked into a furniture store shopping for school and the cheapest coffee table was $900. That was a boring piece of wood that offered me NOTHING like this. GO OUT AND GET IT FOLKS!



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