The United States of America has once again come out on top! For the first time ever, they have won the World Baseball Classic by defeating Puerto Rico. Am I surprised? No. The American players in the MLB are at their Prime right now.


The USA started out scoring in the top of the 3rd with a 2 run homerun by Ian Kinsler who drove in Jonathan Lucroy who was on first. After that, our boys didn’t let off the gas pedal. The final score? 8-0 USA. That is what I like to call “a skull dragging.”

Their celebration was one of the best I have ever seen. Pat Neshek made one of the greatest moves in celebration history. He straight up brought a Bald Eagle onto the pitchers mound and everyone went nuts.


Usually Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic are the dominant teams. We all saw Yadi embarrass Jurickson Profar after he hit a single. That is a dominant baseball player (I’m a huuuuge Yadier Molina fan). Either way, it just wasn’t enough this year.

Congrats gentlemen, you’ve made us all proud!



God Bless the United States!
Johnny Pasta Sauce