A terrible weekend for us EPL fans. International break is upon us, leaving us in a purgatory type scenario. Some countries are playing to qualify for the World Cup, others just playing meaningless friendlies. This gives us a little time to catch up on some important stories and games that have been going around in the world of soccer.

Bastian Schweinsteiger to Chicago Fire

The 32 year old German legend has been traded to the Chicago Fire from Manchester United to a one year deal. If any of you have ever played a FIFA game, or watched the World Cup you are familiar with this legend. Not only is it extremely fun to scream his name when he scores but he is a more efficient (and moral) General then Rommel (side note, his wife is also a total babe). I’m picturing a David Beckham/Thierry Henry type move here. Big fan of this move as long as they don’t beat the Red Bull.

Arsene Wenger and Arsenal Fans

This whole scenario is pretty bizarre. Imagine you are the 4th kid of 5 kid billionaire family. You get all the perks of living the fancy life, you travel all around Europe, get the best toys, go to the best playgrounds, but you don’t get any jewelry. The oldest kids in your family get the prizes and the fifth kid gets praise for their hard work. Normally 4 is a great honor and most kids would love to be in his position. However, Arsenal (the 4th kid) is now a spoiled brat.

Arsenal has finished in 4th place NINE years in a row – which is very difficult and ensures the club lots of money. Arsenal fans used to love this, while most of the league mocked their consistency. Now, Arsenal is in 6th place and it’s as if the world ended. Fans are calling for Wengers head for not being in first place or winning the Champions League. Wenger has lead them to a shit ton of trophies during his reign and even an undefeated season, which is amazing. As a sour Chelsea fan, I always wanted Wenger to leave since I was envious of their consistency. However now I switch my position for the sheer joy of watching them bitch.

I am LOVING watching Arsenal fans go on crazy rants after a loss. These guys are nuts and I could not be happier. I love seeing them squeal and make ridiculous excuses as they seize in pain. Wenger for LIFE.

pulisic .jpg

USA versus Honduras

World Cup Qualifier, San Jose 10:30pm
TV Provider: FS1

Pretty big game here for the Stars & Bars. We haven’t played a meaningful World Cup Qualifier game yet under new (old) coach Bruce Arena. Big Boy Bruce is a big fan of playing MLS guys. Which I am 100% all for if they are the most qualified. I’ll be livid if Christian Pulisic is on the bench for some old hack MLS guy. Let’s give it to the youth here, Jordan Morris should get the nod up top with Dempsey. We need a win and a decisive one. 3-0 Uncle Sam.



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