As you may or may not have heard before, Bill Murray’s son Luke is the coach of Xavier. Yeah, that Bill Murray. Kingpin, Caddyshack, Groundhog Day, Space Jam, What About Bob, Ghostbusters, I mean this list goes on.

The man is a living legend so obviously an interview seemed like the right thing to do in honor of his son’s latest accomplishments, especially after last night’s 73-71 win over the #2 seeded Arizona.

WCS: Bill, congratulations on your son being such a great coach. Can you speak to this Xavier team – this Cinderella team – and are there any other stories like this out there it reminds you of?


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WCS: Love it. Great comparison, they really are “out of nowhere” – which actually is a great segue to my next question… Does this mean the Big East is an “elite” basketball conference again?


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WCS: Well, that seems almost impossible… But alright! We love the confidence. Now, we know you have Gonzaga up next which should be an easy win since, you know, who have they really played?! But after that – Florida, Wisconsin, Baylor or South Carolina… How do you think tonight’s games are going to play out?


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WCS: Oh, me too for sure! I can’t get a feel for any of these teams… however, I am a big fan of those Florida Cheerleaders. Wow. They definitely know how to recruit talent down there. Any sweet pick-up lines for a young buck in college to throw these ladies’ way?


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WCS: Wow. Okay, aggressive, BUT it gets right to it I suppose. Now, we hear you’ve been working on an extra special celebration in the event your son ends up cutting down the nets on April 3rd. Can you give us a sneak peak?


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WCS: Electric! Can’t wait to use that one myself! Okay, one last thing, it has seemed you really have enjoyed watching this team – and we love watching it! Anything you want to say before this journey is over for the Bulldogs?


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WCS: Well Bill, thanks for coming on – we appreciate the time.


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Wow, I gotta say – great to have a legend like Bill Murray on the site. I definitely will be pulling for the Bulldogs against the Zags tomorrow at 6pm. It’s going to be a can’t miss game.



Rock Chalk Bulldogs,