With Joakim Noah now suspended for 20 games for violating the league’s banned substance policy, I have to ask the question: can we just cut the damn dude?


He is on the books for $17M, $18M, and $19M for the NEXT three years… We are paying this dude, who doesn’t even play on our (27-45) team, that much money!

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So here’s our out… We play the “anti-drug” card REALLY hard. Dolan already claimed Oakley was an alcoholic which was an all-time ugly move. Let’s just do it again!


We’ll be all like, “We want to give Joakim all the time and space he needs to figure out his drug problem.

I don’t know if there are clauses in contracts that allow or don’t allow that, but Jeez wouldn’t that be the biggest bailout of all time. Especially if this was just for pot or something (though my sources, my gut and the cover photo for this article tell me it’s crack).

Listen, a sad pathetic fan like me can dream… And at this point, my dreams amount to hoping contracts allow for me to cut players for violations. Sorry not sorry.



Shooting for the Stars,