Shit, it’s Monday. Once again you spent the weekend napping all day and blacking out at night, with no regard for the outside world. Don’t worry, we got you with your one liners again this week. Luckily, WAY less games to talk about than last week, so we got that going for us. Let’s go…

Oregon beat Kansas. “It just seemed like Kansas could never get out from under that 10 point hole – ya know?” Gold comment. Makes it seem like you watched the whole game cuz that basically was the storyline. Maybe throw in a “Yea, that Dillon Brooks kid can play!” if you’re feeling bold. This is a layup for water cooler talk.

Oregon Ducks Kansas Jayhawks Basketball

Gonzaga beat Xavier. “The Cinderella Story is over… I guess it was bound to happen.” Make that two gimme’s for water cooler talk. A #1 seed (Gonzaga) beating a #11 seed (Xavier) was really not a shocker, but still… The end of any wild run like Xavier’s is worth noting. If you wanna get cute throw in a “I really liked that Macura kid – he’s got some grit.” Macura is a white guy on Xavier who wears long sleeves and it’s awesome.

South Carolina beat Florida. “#2, #3, #4… South Carolina is beating all its region’s top teams. Are they for real?” Leave this one to the local water cooler experts. Nobody knows this answer. Just toss it out there and see what comes back. The brilliance is its anybody’s guess at this point. They just find ways to win. Absolutely wild to have a #7 in the Final Four.

South Carolina Gamecocks Florida Gators Elite Eight Basketball.jpg

UNC beat Kentucky. “Yeah, you see that?! Luke Maye with 0.3 seconds left!! CRAZYYY!” This game was pretty wild. It really was everything people hyped it up to be. I am a Heels guy myself and Kentucky won the last few minutes for sure, but the Heels hung in there. This team has got to be the favorite left, but Oregon is RED HOT and who knows between Gonzaga and South Carolina.

Luke May North Carolina Kentucky Elite Eight Basketball

And always remember, NBA or NFL talk can always be stifled with “Yeah, I just watch College Basketball this time of year,” BUT if you want, you can throw in there a “Yo, did you hear Devin Booker scored 70 on Friday?!” Devin Booker is on the Suns FYI and he’s for sure an up and comer – I mean, 70 points obviously is wild for anyone, so props to him there. Drop some NBA knowledge, step outside your comfort zone. You got this.

Alright, well hopefully with this you’re feeling solid to go to that water cooler and be the mayor of your office. Just shoot the bull, kiss some babies and play the game. Promotions are always a great one liner away folks.



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