Guys, this year we tried to make things easier on everyone during BeerFest and collect via Venmo. For the most part, it’s been pretty damn easy. I have yet to set foot in Syracuse, and only three teams haven’t paid… And some are partially paid (**cough cough** get your damn money in already **cough cough**).

Anywho – there was one mishap that I found exceptionally hilarious… And it had to do with Team Cuba.

Now, Team Cuba has been a cornerstone for BeerFest over the last half decade, and truly an integral part of our event. They seem to be the team that USA matches up with every year in Round 1, and Team USA steamrolls. It’s a great way for all the patriots in the attic to get fired up, fly that red white & blue, and really get the juices flowing – defeating communism always does that! But this year, we almost had an interesting trade embargo stop Cuba from participating…

This year when Cuba went to pay via Venmo, we were “flagged” by Venmo. “Why?” you may ask… Excellent question.

Venmo reviews transactions and I guess there are keywords that will halt a payment or request from going through. Evidently “Cuba” or “Cuban Raft Riderz” was cause for a flag.

I found this wildly hilarious, as did Team Cuba, and we were able to explain our situation by letting the “Review Team” know we are simply throwing a BeerFest and that was the team’s dues, and that we weren’t paying a measly $40 to smuggle a Cuban refugee over on a raft (that’d be a deal for the smugglee I would imagine).

Just  a reminder that Big Brother is all over us, monitoring our every move and I can’t wait for them too to witness the glory that will be April 8th.



Venmo Can’t Keep Us Down,