Listen, we all know the Jets QB carousel is a laughing stock. They recently signed Josh McCown, a career backup to be what? The veteran quarterback (we think) to (maybe) teach the two youngsters Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty HOW to be professional quarterbacks. It’s really confusing and even from an outsider’s perspective, I just don’t get it… Didn’t they do this last year with Fitzy?

Putting that aside, I did already give props to Christian Hackenberg on his girl, and this week, I found out Bryce Petty didn’t do too shabby himself. Evidently, if you are a backup QB on the Jets, you are a babe magnet.

Bryce Petty’s wife, Jordan Fields… Well, she’s gorgeous. AND she hunts. AND she fishes. I mean… I thought I was a “Hack Guy” but I don’t know anymore!

See below, make the decision for yourself:

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So there it is. Am I a Petty guy now? YOU BET YOUR ASS I AM!! Look out New England, there’s a new quarterback in town!



Green Means Go,