This blog post is in no way shape or form analysis on NBA happenings. I don’t care that the Warriors beat the Rockets. I don’t care that it is two Western Conference powers. I don’t care that somehow Houston was -1.5 and didn’t cover (Oh Diggity called that btw).

No, this post is dedicated to the ridiculous face that James Harden made last night as he was walking to the free throw line (see above).

Now, I take no prisoners when it comes to anyone on television. I act swiftly and do what I think is necessary. See below:

Usually when chicks send you this snap it’s like, “Oh that’s cute,” But James Harden in this case scares the shit outta me.

James Harden Antlers

Is deer season over? If not, I see a 225 pound 5 pointer.

James Harden Bunny Ears

With those buck teeth he’s making, the rabbit just fits. Real natural filter for Harden here. Dare I even say: “#nofilter”??

James Harden Long Beard

Elongating the beard just seemed like a necessary move. I don’t know if I love the beard or hate it. The more I look at it writing this post I hate it ad I don’t think I ever gave a shit before.

James Harden Face Swap with Ketch.jpg

Can anyone guess what this is? Probably not. It’s a face swap with everyone’s favorite writer Ketch! Ketch’s wonderful stache blends in damn near perfectly with Harden’s beard. I actually wonder if Ketch could pull off Harden’s beard now. Could be a damn good look.

Alright, well, that’s what I did with my time while the Warriors showed the NBA that once again, even without Durant, they’re still the best team in the league… BORING!!!



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