With just one week until we put our heads down on our pillows, dreaming of what’s to happen the following day, Saturday April 8th…

Will you get out of that first round of quarters? Will you barf during Daas Boot? WILL YOU TAKE HOME GOLD??

There’s so many questions and it’s time to start getting those delightful butterflies in your stomach, because soon enough – we’re ALL coming home…

Shout-out to Johnny Pasta Sauce┬áhere on making this EN FUEGO promo… He won’t be there physically on the big day, but he’ll be there in our hearts, that’s for damn sure.

(Also, don’t tell Trump I outsourced that job overseas to Spain, but Ragu just does some quality work that if you aren’t a regular fan of yet, I highly recommend checking out!)



Peace, Love & Natty Light,