Just in case you forgot who Rougned Odor was, let’s run it back:

  • This past year, he was the guy that punched the shit out of Jose Bautista in one of the best baseball brawls in recent memory.  
  • He has a brother who is a Rangers prospect, also named Rougned Odor, who was disciplined for jerking another prospect off in a hazing incident.
  • He would be what one would consider “a rising star.”  

The 23 year old Venezuelan second baseman has had a solid start to his MLB career.  Over the first three years, he’s accumulated a .265 batting average and a .766 OPS.  Sounds average, but his numbers have climbed each year and in fact he popped 33 homers, drove in 88 runs and had an OPS of .798 in 2016.   The 33 homers was third among second baseman behind Brian Dozier and Robinson Cano.  Also in 2016 his OPS was tenth (for second basemen) in what was a really good year for second baseman.  Just for reference, the .798 OPS would have been fifth in both 2014 and 2015, and fourth in both 2012 and 2013 out of second basemen.  

So it makes sense that the Rangers see Odor as their second baseman of the future.  Not only is he clearly a good player, but he is a fiery personality that clubhouses love.  Because of both his personality and his upward trending numbers, the Rangers gave Rougned Odor a 6 year extension worth $49.5 million.  Not bad for Mr. Odor.  But here’s the kicker, I guess during these negotiations with the Rangers, the incentive that sealed the deal was that the Rangers said they’d throw in two horses for Odor.  

I don’t understand Latin players and their love for horses.  Last year we had Cespedes riding horses to spring training games and now we have horses actually being included in a contract.  Apparently Odor grew up on a ranch and had horses, but shit man.  Aren’t horses a lot of work?  I feel like if someone offered me two horses on top of 50 million bucks I’d say “no thanks I’ll just take the money.”  I might go as far as saying if someone said “you can have 50 million dollars, but you have to take these two horses” I might say no.  Horses are fucking big.  And they kick.  And I would imagine they require a lot of care – care that I don’t necessarily want to give.  

I mean yeah I guess if they were champion horses you could sell them for real good money, but then there is still an amount of time where you are responsible for keeping a goddamn horse alive.  They’re not like a dog where you can just put them in the house and say “alright Fido stay off the furniture.”  Horses need their own fucking house that’s like the size of a trailer.  If I’m making $50 million, one of the LAST things I want to spend my money on is a damn horse house.  

I’m assuming what happened was Ray Davis (the guy that owns the Rangers) bought a couple of shitty horses for his daughter’s birthday like three years ago and then she grew out of her “horses stage” so Davis was just stuck with them.  So for the past couple years he’s been trying to get rid of the horses like Will Ferrell in Old School trying to pass off the breadmaker.  Then in walked Rougned Odor ready to negotiate his contract, probably wearing a cowboy hat and this shirt:Horse Shirt

I imagine Odor probably scoffed at the 49.5 mil and asked for like 100 million.  So Davis responded with “you know what?  I see you like horses, so instead of giving you an extra 50 million dollars, hows about we stay at 49.5 and I’ll throw in two horses?”  and because Latinos love horses, Odor couldn’t turn this down and accepted.

Ray Davis you son of a bitch, I see what you did.  Kept your 50 million AND got rid of your shitty horses.  Well played.