I don’t know how many people heard about this (as I’m sure not many of your scour the internet like I do for ridiculous headlines) but Cheerios was running a whole #BringBacktheBees campaign not too long ago… They were giving out bags of seeds to plant that would, I guess, give bees the specific wildflowers they need to live? I don’t know… I’m not a bee expert, but it was something like that.

Anywho – yesterday at the Padres Rockies Spring Training game, a swarm of bees came by and caused the players on the field, MID GAME, to drop and hit the deck.

At 0:12 the guy yelling “Look out for the bees!!” makes the video. Absolutely love that. I got one big question though…

As someone who is allergic to bees, I didn’t know dropping to the ground was the best way to avoid those bastards. Is that a thing? Does that make them fly by and think you’re the ground or something? Seems dumb to me.

I was always under the impression that swatting at them and running was the best move, a la Tommy Boy:

 tommy boy GIF


I guess the moral of this one is CLEARLY we’ve saved enough bees Cheerios! Now we’ve created a monster that is attacking us at our core – America’s greatest pastime, BASEBALL.

Let’s not let the liberal media fool us any more. The evidence is clear – we have enough bees, thank you very much.



The Only Good Bee is a Dead One,