March Madness, last month has had some nutty games with incredible last second goals. We really have been spoiled with the fire that’s been on display.

#1 Notre Dame. This was a long time coming. Even with one loss the Irish have proved that they are the best team in college lacrosse. The overtime goal at Denver was an absolute stunner AND there was a dead fish for a celly. Love it. Once again, if you want to be a title contender you have to play the best. The Irish play Syracuse (today) then Duke and North Carolina. Not the easiest way to end the regular season. If they can finish strong, I tip them to win the ACC.


#2 Penn State. I just do not like Penn State. The have no defence which is everything when it gets closer to Memorial Day. They also have been playing fairies all season. Cleveland State? Really? That’s a team you’re gonna test yourself on? I mean grow up. The Nitty Lions will get destroyed by the end of the month. The have Ohio State, Maryland and Johnny Hopkins in April. They will lose every game.
#3 Hofstra. Brutal, at least Penn State eventually play good teams. Hofstra does not. A relatively weak schedule to set themselves up for hopefully an easier playoff run. I expect this to fail tremendously. I hope they get stuck with Virginia or North Carolina and these FLIDS just get worked. Due to a shitty schedule they should end the season in the top 5. Don’t plan on them making to New England for the finals
#4 Syracuse. I said it before and I’ll say it again. Syracuse is a classic lax school who always dig it out at the end. Big game today against Notre Dame but then relatively easy for the rest of the year. The Orange do play North Carolina April 15th but thats the only test after today. They will be well rested for the ACC tourney and may have everything to play for if the blow it against the Irish. Never count out the Orange.

#5 Ohio State. A light schedule to start, big battles to end the year. Penn State, Hopkins, Michigan, Maryland. Rutgers to end the year: Ouch. If Ohio State some how manages to remain unbeaten they will #2. However I think they’ll slip at least once probably twice. The Buckeyes scored a huge win against Denver so they are legit. If they are the real deal they win out. Excited to see how this plays out.

ohio state lax

Must See: Notre Dame v. Cuse huge title implications. The rest of North Carolina’s games, they have a brutal way to end the regular season.

Teams to Watch: Rutgers, Maryland, North Carolina, Le Moyne, all these teams can ruin some seasons. Plus all these schools want to regain some of their good name back.



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