Unlike their cross town rivals, the Mets offseason will be one day longer. One more day of just sitting on the couch, scratching their beanbags and drinking brewski’s with their honeys.

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The Mets got the Braves at home this year to open the season, Monday at 1pm.

Almost completely healthy, this Mets pitching staff looks to put it all together this year. The rotation has a solid chance to win damn near 4 of every 5 games when Thor, DeGrom, Harvey and Wheeler take the hill. Gsellman would be the odd man out there, and honestly, I thought he was alright last year… Just not nearly to the level we’ve seen from the other four. And when Steven Matz returns, there’s a chance they go on STREAKS of shutting opponents down with their pitching for weeks on end.

However, to  win you still need to get runs, and the Mets offense last year tended to struggle doing that. If Jay Bruce can find his groove again, if Jose Reyes continues his HELL of a 2016 outing, and if Cespedes can stay healthy and just MASH… this Mets offense certainly will put up the runs needed to carry that staff.

I for one am stoked to see this team play. Losing Big Sexy this offseason was certainly a bummer but I understand. We got some young guys and can continue growing this young and talented pitching staff.

Pumped to see this team as well this year.



By the Hammer of Thor,