Yesterday, the Yanks opened up the regular season down in Tampa and…?

Well, Masahiro Tanaka who was supposed to be our one solid starting pitcher – dare I call him our “ace” – let up 7 earned runs before not even getting out of the 3rd inning.

Complex awkward bye oops jay z GIF

It was rough.

But here’s the thing – after his outing, the Yanks pitching staff didn’t let in another run. That’s 6 1/3 scoreless from relievers like Layne, Warren, Holder and Schreve. I gotta say, if we can get outings like that from (most of) our staff, that’s not a bad day.

Now, our one through five hitters went 1-for-20. That is bad. I have to imagine that won’t happen a lot and that TOO is an outlier performance.

So let’s sum this up. Should Yanks fans be freaking out? No. Why? Our starter let up seven runs through 2 2/3 innings and our first five (best) hitters mustered one hit… These SHOULD be the exceptions not the rules.

Not time to panic yet guys, though that wasn’t how you want to get out of the gates, that’s for damn sure.



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