I never knew if Gronk’s outrageous antics were all a ploy just “playing up” who he was, and thank God he’s finally outed himself…

Yesterday at Wrestlemania, #87 himself was cheering on his boy Mojo (da fuq kinda name is that?) when Jinder (again, WTF?!) starting fake beating the shit out of him.

Gronk starting yelling, “That’s my boy!” (referring to the guy who was “dead” on the ground, getting his ass kicked), when Mojo took Gronk’s beer, drank a bunch of it then threw it in his face.


So Gronk had to stand up for himself right? RIGHT?!

Two months ago, Gronk couldn’t play in the Super Bowl, yet here he is spearing guys in the ring at Wrestlemania “because they drank his beer.”

I haven’t watched professional wrestling in a fortnight, and this was hilarious.



I’m Just Worried for Mojo & CTE,