Heading to the 13th tee box of the ANA Inspiration event, Lexi Thompson was atop the leaderboard and well on her way to capturing a monster trophy. Waiting there was the LPGA tour rules official, Sue Withers, was waiting to drop a bomb on her. Thompson was informed that she was VICTIM of a four stroke penalty because SOME ASSHOLE at home sitting on their couch called in after watching a replay of her moving her ball improperly on the green. Two strokes for the improper spot of the ball and two for signing her scorecard before she knew anything.

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD do you not have anything better to do?????? This girl made the slightest of slight infractions that NOT A SOUL had noticed and YOU HAD TO BE THAT GUY? She lost out on the chance for $200,000 because of the scumbag that called that in! INSANITY!

The LPGA just solidified my view point on women’s golf by allowing that happen. Apparently any JOE SCHMOE can call from their living room on a Sunday and become a rules official without whatever training these rule officials go through. WHAT A JOKE! Kudos to Lexi for crying just a bit and smoking the last 5 holes with 3 birdies to put her in a playoff. Outstanding perseverance. There’s not a doubt in my mind I’d hunt whoever the hell that person was and cut a hole in the bottom of their golf bag after dismantling their clubs as well.

The LPGA blew it and you deserve a lot better Lexi.



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