Week in and week out, our boy DJ RD throws us tunes that are absolutely fantastic. I love throwing the headphones in at work and just letting the website’s playlist go – I do, I love that.


I am not the 24/7 “tropical bop” guy that Davis is. I “get it” – I think that music is bangin’ for parties and whatnot… But sometimes I just wanna throw in some Red Man, take the dog outside and get some country on.

SO HERE WE ARE – TAILGATE TUESDAYS. We’ll be bringing new country tunes for you, your girl, your boys, your dog, your gun, your beer, your chaw… For everything you NEED to share some sweet country tunes with.

It’s probably not going to be every week like DJ RD, but I’m going to try to run this every so often (what a great way for me to bail on missing a Tuesday LOLZ) so stay tuned to have a nicely updated country playlist heading into the summer.

Let’s get it started.

1.) Ryan Evans – All Over Daytona

2.) Brett Kissel – Airwaves

3.) Cole Taylor – Cold Beer

4.) Devin Dawson – All on Me

5.) Jason Mizelle – Motown

6.) Bobby Wills – Never Didn’t Love You

7.) Old Dominion – No Such Thing as a Broken Heart

8.) Ryan Griffin – Back Seats & Burnt CDs

9.) Smithfield – Nothing but the Night

10.) Brett Eldredge – Somethin’ I’m Good At

Alright, well. At some point this will become a playlist but for now, we’re just revealing to you, our loyal fans some money tunes. By summer, we want you tuned in here to¬†get your redneck on!



Chaw & Raw Dogs,