The LPGA, I respect the hell out of the golfers because every single one of those women would obliterate me on the course. But, this isn’t really a comparison of women’s sports and men’s sports, it’s an issue of replay.

This past weekend at the first LPGA Major Championship, the ANA Inspiration, Lexi Thompson was assessed a 4 stroke penalty after a TV viewer saw the infraction occur and called it in to LPGA officials.

I honestly at am a loss for words for this. The penalty happened Saturday afternoon, but she wasn’t assessed the penalty until the next day between the 12th and 13th holes. According to the LPGA, she broke the rule, 20-7c (playing the ball from wrong place), which she received at 2 stroke penalty and 6-6d for signing an incorrect scorecard, which she received another 2 stroke penalty.

I can’t justify either, especially the 2 stroke penalty for signing an incorrect scorecard. If the score was changed after she signed it, at the time she signed it, it was correct.

That isn’t even the worst part of the story. Thompson had a 3 stroke lead over So Yeon Ryu. But after her penalty, she fell to one stroke behind. BUT, that didn’t stop her from trying. She birdied 3 of the next 6 holes to force a playoff. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough. Ryu birdied the playoff hole to win.

Everyone was in agreement that what the LPGA did was wrong. Viewers should not be allowed to be referees or judges. There is a reason that some people ref elementary school basketball, and some ref the NBA. I don’t care how much of a “golf enthusiast” you are, you are not getting paid to ref.

You don’t see NFL referees taking phone calls from fans saying that “his feet weren’t in bounds from two plays ago, right? So why should this happen. This is like the buffalo wild wings commercials where the viewers can call the refs to manipulate the game.

Oh, and because she came in second, she lost over $150,000.

The LPGA blew it, and I lost respect for the rules committee and the organization, but not the players.

Ragu, out