Before everyone reads my hot take on this, I want everyone to see this video and then we’ll recap what happened.

Quick summary… From what I gather, United Airlines had made an error and overbooked the flight. They needed to (from my knowledge) bring additional Flight Attendants to Singapore and they needed to be on this flight. Okay, yes. Their bad. The remedy was – they asked for volunteers to leave the flight. I’m sure there was some sort of incentive here (otherwise United Airlines are full-blown morons). But because no one on the plane offered to volunteer, the airline decided “okay, let’s be fair and pick people randomly, make those people get off the plane and make room.

I get that the way they took this guy off was rough. I GET that. If they had done that to me, or my family, I’d be realllll pissed. But I don’t know if it’s ONLY the airline I’m pissed at.

United Airlines offered a solution: VOLUNTEER.

How many people were on that plane to sightsee, travel or to go on vacation? How many people were on that plane that MAYBE didn’t have to be (like arguably a doctor HAS to be)? You’re telling me NOBODY on that plane could have been like, “You know what? I’ll bite the bullet FOR A DOCTOR…

(Btw, the lady that yells the loudest in the video about how messed up this all is, I bet she’s traveling to photograph the city streets of Singapore just for pleasure… I don’t know about you, but that’s how she came off to me… How bout you get off your ass and volunteer then?)

I get that United didn’t have to beat the guy up. But you’re telling me there wasn’t ONE PERSON on that flight that could have left the flight? This is the real world and sometimes things suck. And if you don’t try to work with people (i.e. a company like United), “luck” will solve things.

“Luck” made that poor doctor have to leave that flight, but someone else could have bit the bullet.

Be mad at United all you want, but there certainly is blame to be thrown at the rest of the passengers… And I am happy to do it.



Could’ve Been Avoided,