We all know Philadelphia is one of those towns you DON’T mess with. I personally would never go to an Eagles game in a Giants jersey for example. It just doesn’t seem safe. And we all know the age old addage to not mess with the Philly Phanatic, cuz the players, fans and people of Philly are maniacs and they don’t take kindly to that sort of tom foolery.

Well, apparently no one told Thor because last night before the Mets-Phils game went off, Syndergaard stole the Philly Franatic’s quad and took it for a nice little joyride…

…and as we ALL know, Philly Phanatic reigns supreme!!

So what was going to happen? Well, the Phils weren’t going to do nothing!

In the 8th inning of a tied game, Edubray Ramos fired a 96-mph fastball over Cabrera’s head. And if Cameron Rupp (who is built like a brick shithouse) wasn’t standing between the two of them, a fight was DEFINITELY breaking out.

This is a great reminder to NOT mess with the Phillies or their beloved Phanatic*… it’s been too long since we saw that crazy Philly passion!!

Philadelphia 76ers v Houston Rockets



Green Man > Philly Phanatic,




* = This 100% was NOT because of Thor stealing the quad, but the article was more fun to loop in It’s Always Sunny this way… Ramos was really throwing at Cabrera because of a bat flip from last year or something. Gotta love the unwritten rules of baseball – definitely no room for snowflakes there!