Sooooo, Grayson Allen was seen wearing a “don’t trip” hat yesterday in public.

Grayson, you are a complete asshole but I respect the joke. From throwing a temper tantrum on the bench to wearing this hat, it shows that you’ve grown up (in a way).

And yeah, you’ve grown up but I think you need to return to Duke and finish your career instead of declaring for the draft. You won’t get drafted in the First Round by any means because you’re still a complete psychopath. Plus, your draft stock has plummeted since the beginning of the season. You have to prove you can play in the NBA and right now it looks like you can’t. You looked nothing like the All-American you were the year previous to this season, and it’s not even close.

You were arguably a Top 5 pick before the season and before LaVar Ball became the face of college basketball. Your production rate has decreased significantly since you switched from shooting guard to point guard. You looked foolish at times when you ran the point honestly – definitely wasn’t a fit. From sophomore to junior year, your PPG average went from 21.6 to 15.2, FG percentage went from .466 to .398 and 3PT percentage went from .417 to .333. These significant drops in numbers can be attributed to Grayson probably having free range as a SG to actually having to run an offense as the PG.

For you to declare for the draft would be a very stupid choice seeing as Markelle Fultz, Lonzo Ball, Malik Monk, De’Aaron Fox and Dennis Smith Jr. would all go before you.

Carry your “Don’t Trip” campaign into your senior year and prove yourself. It goes without saying that you definitely won’t trip players in the NBA because those guys are not going to take it as nicely as your peers in the NCAA did. If you were to do that to Ben Wallace or Ron Artest when they were in their prime, you would’ve been sent to the hospital.

I honestly doubt NBA executives and scouts are worried about that though. Don’t be a jackass and return to Duke to rehabilitate your image and your play. Coach K probably wants to get rid of you, but with Kennard gone already you’re gonna be his golden boy once again. Everyone loved hating you because you were actually good at basketball, but now that you’re not… it’s really not as fun saying “Fuck Duke!” Duke always had that villain, starting with Christian Laettner to JJ Reddick to You.

Get back to being that scumbag Grayson, we would all appreciate it.