When people talk about the golf greats, you hear about Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, Ben Crenshaw, Phil Mickelson, honestly, I could list a lot more. And I would be lying if I said that I didn’t want to be a pro golfer. Can you imagine playing in The Masters? I would give my left foot to play in The Masters (obviously take the foot after I play… I’d give my left foot and my right big and pinky toes to win).

However, I know that I am not that good, so I aspire to be a little more like John Daly. Now, that is not to take anything away from Daly. He was won 5 tournaments on the PGA Tour, including the PGA Championship.

WCS_Daly 3

He’s a damn good golfer. But, he has some other special skills, like pounding beers, and crushing cigarettes or cigars. He sometimes rocks an absolutely wild mullet. And on top of that, the dude wore some pretty crazy pants in his day. I actually have a few pairs.


Either way, John Daly does one of the best things that I have seen a golfer do in a while. Take a look:

The dude not only hit a bomb off of a beer can, but he then chugged the beer better than probably 95% of the spectators.

John Daly, you are my hero.



My Mustache is a Little Better,