Holy shit, never has someone been more excited about anything than I am to write an album review since the Cake Boss found out he was on TLC. Kendrick is King. No doubt about it. He has been THE presence in rap since he has been in the game. The rumors before I heard DAMN. was that him and Drake had beef. Usually, I’m fine with Drake having beef with anyone. Yeah, go ahead, have beef with Meek Mill. You’re choosing one of the weakest rappers to take down. I’m all about it. The dude sucks and everyone knows it, so please start beef with him. But, Drake, for the love of hip hop (shouts out to Flava Flav) please do not chirp Kendrick Lamar. For those who don’t know, Drake basically said he was the “King of Compton” in the music video of “100” by The Game, while Kendrick literally still lives in a condo in Compton. I’ve never seen someone with so much hometown-pride than Kendrick Lamar. This album is just the big chirp that Drake deserves.  

How most Kendrick albums go, they’re a big giant story. He starts this album off with a story about meeting a blind woman. While most of Kendrick albums are conceptual, this one gives it to you in the first song. Basically Kendrick is walking down the street and asks the lady if she needs help, then she ends up shooting him. Wild! So basically, Kendrick is dead the whole album? Whatever works, I guess!

DNA. is the hardest thing I have heard Kendrick drop since “Cartoons and Cereal”. No joke. I want to say that this whole album is a big Drake dis – at least that’s how I see it. Drake made a point that he was the hard beats/dope rap guy, and Kendrick just murdered him. Not only did Kendrick go off, but the production on the beat is great. Quote me on this right now that DNA is the best opening track to an album in 5 years. The breakdown halfway through made my ears drool.  

YAH. has got a real cool vibe to it.  I kind of envision Kendrick in a daze/can’t keep his balance. The beat has this ambiance that keeps going back and forth, while Kendrick has a little bit of a drawl while he raps, almost like he’s really drunk.  

ELEMENT. seems like a stereotypical “Imma die for this rap shit” song, but I know Kendrick is too smart for that shit. This song is just parody of basically every other rapper. You can see it in the chorus, he keeps saying how he’s gotta “make it look sexy”. Rappers will go act tough and start beef with someone, while posting an Instagram with a Bentley and a $25,000 Gucci suit. Kendrick’s basically telling them, “Figure it out kid.”  

FEEL. Kendrick has got some internal issues and he definitely is getting them out here. I want to know how many times he says the words “feel” or “feeling” in this song, because it literally seems like it is every other word. I’m not complaining – it’s fucking sweet. But yeah, Kendrick seems to have some issues by having “ain’t nobody praying for me” as your chorus.

LOYALTY (feat. Rihanna). Ohhh shit. Kendrick dishing a nice little chirp to Drake by having Rihanna on the song called Loyalty??? OoOoOo!! Anyways, this is your typical Rihanna and Kendrick song. Kendrick kills the rap and Rihanna makes me change my underwear.

PRIDE. “I can’t fake humble because your ass in insecure.”  

HUMBLE. This song bangs, everyone knows it. If ya don’t know it, you should know it. Get to it.

LUST. Didn’t PRIDE. start off by saying “Lust gonna get you killed, but pride’s gonna be the death of you and me”?? So we died on PRIDE., but now Kendrick is gonna get killed on LUST.? I thought Kendrick got shot and died in the first song. WILD.

LOVE. This dude singing has got a great voice, not gonna lie. This song is beautiful. I am absolutely taken away by it.  

XXX. (feat. U2) This is the first song that caught my attention when I first saw the tracklist. U2?!?!? Who features U2 in a song?! I fucking HATE U2. They are absolute garbage and anyone who thinks otherwise is a pleb. But to be honest, this song is one of my favorite songs on the album, and I’m not entirely sure where U2 comes into play. I think the last third Kendrick uses them as a sample or something.  

FEAR. This song is easily in my top 3 for the album. When I think West Coast Hip-Hop, this is exactly what I think. That little guitar riff makes my plums swell. Not much more I can say about this song besides it’s fantastic.  

GOD. This has to be another parody song. He is singing chorus’ like the mubble rappers. Hopefully it’s a parody because if not then I kinda feel bad for making fun of Kendrick. Whoops!

DUCKWORTH. Little known fact that “Duckworth” is Kendrick’s last name, which is like the shittiest last name ever. Lamar sounds much better. Real solid song. It’s tough judging these songs because they’re all brilliant. Must-listen album.

WILLLDDD. The last thirty seconds just rewinds to the beginning of the album when he gets shot. Whattttttttttttttt??


Overall the album is an absolute must listen. The more I listen the better it gets.