If you haven’t heard, Eli Manning is being brought up on memorabilia fraud. He willingly handed over emails that allegedly make himself looks pretty damn guilty saying to an equipment manager he needed “two helmets that could pass as game used.”

Okay, that sounds BAD and definitely arguably means he’s guilty. His lawyers say that’s out of context and that may be true. But, while that line sounds bad and despite Eli being a great guy and having done so much for the community, I think I have the bulletproof defense for Eli.

Now, I am no lawyer – I have an accounting degree and arguably know little about law and legalese and things of that sort.

Let’s look at this for what it sounds like: Eli Manning did something stupid. He probably didn’t need to do it, but he did. It was stupid.

And that is where this case should start and stop – PLEAD STUPIDITY.

We have seen over the course of Eli’s 13 year career A LOT of stupid moves.

Exhibits A-E:

Eli DrunkEli Manning Drag Queen SNL StupidEli Manning Stupid Looking FaceEli Manning Stupid SNLEli Manning Enjoys The Beach With His Family

If any judge or jury sees these, he’s off free – no doubt in my mind. NO DOUBT.

So Eli, if at any point you want me to blast into that courtroom and win you this case – you know where to find me.



Guilty Until Proven an Idiot,