Eleven games into the season is NOT a long time to judge anything, but so far this season, there are some things worth noting as we take a look at this Bombers team…

For starters, we’ll start with the fact that we are 7-4, compared to 5-6 last season through 11… Again, it’s not a lot. But given the terrible start we had last year, this is at least a little more positive than I had expected. And we’re doing this without Didi, and are muscling through without Sanchez (who we expected to be our HUGE bat this year). Missing two starters for the better part of the beginning of this season is rough, but persevering could tell us a lot about the gumption of this team.

Next, I mean, we have to talk about the resurgence of CC Sabathia. 18 and a third innings earning only 3 runs is NOT what I expected of CC this year. He looks SO out of shape (and back on the Captain Crunch) – I mean peep this vertical…

…but honestly, his stuff looks REALLY good. I know he’s not going to blow batters away, but maybe we have him out there not to play harder but smarter. I’d be okay with that.

Next, and this one sucks, but I have to talk about Greg Bird. I was excited about this kid. I know last year he got hurt so we had Tex play 1B for the most part, and this was going to be a “let’s see what the kid can do” year. And I’m not saying we give up on him completely, but his current statline: 1-for-26, striking out 13 of those times…

 what shocked wut bruh lolwut GIF

Again, I am not pulling the plug, but I’m certainly starting to think seriously about WTF is going on with Greg Bird?

Another young guy I was hoping would have quite the year was Aaron Judge. Anytime you can have a linebacker sized baseball player, as long as they can make contact, the ball should EXPLODE and they should do JUST fine. And so far, Judge has done just that. He’s batting .242 (which isn’t great) but he’s mashing the ball with three home runs so far.

I guess those numbers aren’t SICK, but I was afraid he would be the one with the Greg Bird numbers and that would’ve sucked. Stoked every time Judge comes to bat.

And lastly, I know this may be more of a “flavor of the week” because I’m basically just hot on him lately, but after Thursday’s 2-home run game, I am fired up about Aaron Hicks. He seems to have some solid plate discipline drawing 7 walks in as many games and is batting 5th best on the team. I didn’t know what to expect out of him but in limited duty he’d done well.

Again, only 11 games in, some would say it’s a little too early to tell, buuuut I also think it’s safe to assume…

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