Let’s goooooo!! We’re back at it. Happy Monday, and hopefully your Easter weekend was phenomenal too – great weather, good ball games to watch, plenty of day drinking and too much food with family… What a beautiful thing!

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But let’s not forget the people who aren’t home this Easter because they’re out all over this globe keeping us safe. So for starters, shout out to them – we appreciate you, your families, and the sacrifice you’re making. God Bless America, and God Bless You.

Now, let’s do our ‘Merican duty here this beautiful Monday. Please rise and remove those hats for a pretty fantastic rendition of the National Anthem – from a few weeks ago, the Women’s College Basketball National Championship game of South Carolina vs Mississippi State.

That girl was 15-years old… Holy cow! I’m 26 and have never done anything that impressive. She absolutely crushes it. Awesome job and nothing like getting the red, white & blue flowing through our veins to get the workweek going.

And this National title game, the first for the South Carolina Gamecocks, was specifically chosen for our Merica Monday cover photo girl Adrienne from South Carolina. Hell of a picture, absolutely love it.

If you want (and again, it’d be in your best interest to do so) go ahead and follow Adrienna at adriennedb_22, and smash that  button. Do it for America.

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