JJ Watt, the face of the Houston Texans, last night was spotted with an absolute rocket piece (pun very much intended) at Houston’s┬áhome opener of the NBA Playoffs game against the Oklahoma City.

While the game itself had some allure – “MVP vs MVP” – obviously JJ Watt’s beautiful girlie stole the show for me… So who is this chick?

Her name is Kealia Ohai. She plays professional soccer for the Houston Dash (who knew we had a professional women’s soccer league… Water Cooler Sports mayyyy have to get on that) AND she plays for the US Women’s National Team. I mean, soccer chicks are usually babes to start with – and Kealia is no exception. See for yourself:

Kealia Ohai SoccerKealia Ohai Yoga PantsKealia Ohai Bikini and DogKealia Ohai BikiniKealia Ohai

And while this is great and all, I learned he’s not the only Watt getting in on the Ohai family… Fellow Texan defenseman Brian Cushing married Kealia’s older sister Megan back in 2012.

What a beautiful thing it must be to be a professional athlete and run in THOSE sort of circles. Good for JJ, and good for America (imagine the freak athletes those two could pump out)!!



Bulls on Parade*,






* = I have absolutely no idea what this means beyond that it’s what Texans fans say…