It is no secret professional athletes enjoy the occasional pot session (some more than others) so today on the holiest of stoner holidays 4/20, we’d like to toast to some of the greats!

Laremy Tunsil Pot Draft Night.jpg

Laremy Tunsil

Wow, calling Laremy Tunsil a “great” right off the bat might be a stretch, buuuuuut when ON DRAFT NIGHT the above photo went viral – YEAH, he became legendary. He then also did a pretty solid job of keeping Ryan Tannehill’s jersey clean for most of the year – so maybe I ease off the word “great” and just say he was pretty good for a rookie.

Marshawn Lynch

Now we’re talking GREATS. Marshawn Lynch for sure loves smoking pot, back in his Bills day he had the classic “guns and blunts” arrest… which seems to be a right of passage in a way.

Regardless, Lynch definitely seems like the kinda dude who needs a little pot in his life to make him not a maniac. Like if he doesn’t smoke for too long THIS will happen:

Randy Moss


Biiiiiiig Randy Moss guy and of course he was going to make this list. Moss admitted AT THE TOP OF HIS GAME in 2005 that he smokes “every blue moon in an interview, which honestly came as a surprise to no one. But even as recent as 2016, he has come out saying the NFL really just needs to loosen up on stuff like that.

Love it, clearly was smoking the whole time and why not? HE WAS STILL THE GOAT. Randy Moss, absolutely the best.

 randy moss GIF

Bill Walton

Who would’ve thought the guy I heard say “Throw it down big man, throw it down!” about Shaq when I was growing up actually is a huge pothead nowadays. His brain is absolutely melted but in like a fun way. His recent appearance on the Pardon My Take podcast was amazing. Really shows how “far out” his brain is.

The Vick Brothers

Smoking pot will never be the worst thing the Vick brothers Marcus and Michael will be remembered for. But while Michael was ON PROBATION for his dog-fighting scandal, he tested positive for pot. Bro. If you know you are getting drug tested and were viewed as the worst thing on the planet for what you did to dogs – maybe┬álay off the reefer for a while.

And Marcus has been arrested like 700 times for various things, but he will forever go down in history as the funniest tweet rants in history when he kept hashtagging “letmekno” – like he was asking the Twitter universe to educate him. It was great, I can remember everyone getting in on the #letmekno tweets back in 2012 (shit, that was 5 years ago…) – good stuff Marcus.

Michael Phelps

The most decorated Olympic athlete to ever live – a swimmer nontheless – no WAY he smokes pot…

Michael Phelps Bong Pot.jpg

Of course he did!! Do you know how boring a swimmer’s life is? You stare at the bottom of a pool for HOURS a day with no end in sight. It can be miserable. I don’t blame him at all for trying to escape that humdrum like IN THE OFFSEASON nonetheless. Whatever, goes to show you it really doesn’t matter because even he can still torch all the other swimmers out there.

Ricky Williams

And last but probably the most outrageous – RICKY!!!

Ricky Williams.jpg

I can remember as a kid that he was supposed to be the next big thing. But he also REALLY liked pot. Sometimes you have to chose between money & fame and what you love.

Well consider Ricky Williams the biggest romantic on the planet then because he chose love! He legit just couldn’t lay off smoking weed and constantly was failing drug test after drug test until he was out of the league.

I say do what makes you happy and Ricky did just that I guess. Good for him – you do you!



Happy 4/20 Everyone,