A light weekend this week for the EPL but we still have some pretty decent games going on. The real screamers are the FA Cup games which will be electric. Ladies and Gents, the Premier League is far from over and I believe the best is yet to come.


Hull City v. Watford Hull
KCOM, 10:00am
City should be playing with a fire under their asses, cause there is one. A mere 2 points above the drop zone they better secure a home victory if they want to stay up. However they won’t. 1-0 Watford.

Swansea v. Stoke
Liberty, 10:00am
Stoke should really beat Swansea handedly. Swansea is
10:00 am sooooooo bad. I honestly am surprised they aren’t in dead last. Stoke 2-0.

West Ham v. Everton
London Stadium, 10:00am
Everton has to win big if they plan on keeping their top talent. As a smaller club on the verge of greatness they will need to instill in the cocky players (Lukaku) this club is destined for better things ahead. 2-0 Everton.

Bournemouth v. Middlesbrough
Dean Court, 10:00am
This is very good game between two terrible teams. I’m picturing another drunken brawl here and in the long term both teams lose. 1-1.

11/5/97 Wimbledon v Sunderland Pic Graham Hughes Sunderland fans


Burnley v. Man U
Turf Moor, 9:15am
F*!&*%#@ Man U. I could throw hands. Burnley 90-0.

Liverpool v. Crystal Palace
Anfield, 11:30am
Liverpool should cleanly dust up Palace. That being said we here at WCS are waaaaay to familiar with Palace pulling off some bull shit. Picture lots of shots few goals. 1-0 Liverpool.

Extra Curricular: FA Cup

Chelsea v. Tottenham
Wembley, 12:15pm (Saturday)
I will be in a nervous coma for this game. Sp*rs have pulled back in the league and if Chelsea blow it I can promise you I’ll never hear the end of it. I have faith in the blues, but nerves are still there. 2-1 Chelsea.

Arsenal v. Man City
Wembley, 10:00am (Sunday)
Both coaches will try and prove they still got it. Both seem to have lost their magic that has made them both so well respected. This will be a very offensive game and both
Teams have shitty keepers. 5-3 Arsenal.

Last Weeks Comparison: Stay Woke.

Chelsea players with trophy



Friday’s are for Futbol,