If you haven’t heard, Giants ace Madison Bumgarner got injured in a dirt bike accident recently and was placed on the DL.

(Sucks if you own him in fantasy OR are a Giants fan… It’s awesome if you just traded him in fantasy on Tuesday – props to me on that one.)

But it begs the question: is Madison Bumgarner TOO MUCH of a man? 

I mean, we all know in his free time he chops down trees on his 100-acre farm in North Carolina. He sounds like a good old boy who just has that farmer strength and can “throw the baseball realll good – SHOOOOT!!!” But when he starts getting hurt cuz he’s too much of a man’s man (see Big Ben when he got in a motorcycle accident and there were rumors he wouldn’t play again), maybe it’s time to cool it.

I’m not saying be a fairy Madison, just feel free to not be such a goddamn MAN all the time!



Half of the Man Mad-Bum Is,