Global News – Undercover police officers in Michigan will no longer be able to have sex with prostitutes who they’re investigating, under a new law that was unanimously approved by the state’s Senate Judiciary Committee earlier this week.

Senate Bill 275 aims to amend the Michigan Penal Code to make it possible for police officers to be prosecuted for prostitution-related offences, “if the officer engaged in sexual penetration while in the course of his or her duties.”


When I first saw this I thought it read “Michigan cops can now legally sleep with a prostitute”, which made me think, “ah you lucky bastards”.  I was considering applying for the job, no joke.  Never been a big cop guy but this type of thing may have made me do it. Then after rereading and finding out that they were able to legally bang hookers, I was completely baffled.

What a great fucking gig. I imagine a typical Michigan cops’ night was to chill near a stop sign, get someone rolling through it, ticket him, then off to prostitute row.  Toughest job ever.  

I know the article says that the law was for undercover cops, but I don’t think that’s the whole story.  I will bet that a copious amount of uniformed police officers rolled up and said some secret code so the hookers knew they weren’t going to get busted.  Or more realistically, they went there when they weren’t on duty, and if they got caught they would they were undercover.  Genius.


I did a little research (tough guy, I know)  on the number of prostitution arrests made in Michigan.  In 2010, they made 446 prostitution arrests, not even making it in the top 10 of the U.S. The officers were probably definitely not abusing this law right?  A law that lets you sleep with hookers?  Totally not abusing the law and just banging hookers legally so they can catch the pimp.  


If this law worked, there wouldn’t be any prostitutes left in Michigan because every cop would be getting their nut in the morning instead of their doughnuts, then call his police buddies to come  and bust the girl for prostitution.  No pun intended. Instead we got cops getting their nuts for free, and the lawmakers were pissed about it.  They wanted theirs too!


Legalize and Regulate Prostitution,