This week we’re introducing another new writer, Spaghetti Cam, to the Water Cooler Sports mix. He let us know he’s really into the NFL Draft, and as we haven’t covered that almost at all (nailed it), this seemed like a great pickup.

He hails from Buffalo with a deep love for the Buffalo Bills… And with draft prowess like the Bills have (see: EJ Manuel’s big hands), I trust Cam will have the insight into this draft that no one else possibly could.

So without further ado, Spaghetti Cam’s 2017 Mock Draft v1.0 (worth nothing, this Mock Draft includes no trades because who the flip could predict a trade… honestly)!!

1. Cleveland Browns: Myles Garrett. DE. Texas A&M.

Myles Garrett Texas A&M.jpg

Top needs: QB, S, CB, RT


2. San Francisco 49ers: Malik Hooker. S. Ohio State.

Malik Hooker.jpg

Top needs: QB, DE, RT, WR, CB

The Niners are switching to a cover 3 defense this year and a safety with sideline-to-sideline ball hawking ability is a must for the defense to succeed. In comes Hooker, a rare talent who fits the mold perfectly.

3. Chicago Bears: Jamal Adams. S. LSU.

Jamal Adams LSU.jpg

Top needs: OT, QB, WR, S

A well-polished strong safety that also has some good coverage abilities. The Bears need some help in their secondary and Adams will be a step in the right direction.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars: Solomon Thomas. DE. Stanford.

Solomon Thomas Stanford.jpg

Top needs: LT, DT, DE, WR

The jags spent heavy on secondary help in the offseason and Tom Coughlin seems to be an advocate of having a plethora of talent on the front line. Thomas has skills getting to the quarterback and, as much as it shocks me to say, the Jags defense is looking strong.

5. Tennessee Titans: Marshon Lattimore. CB. Ohio State.

Marshon Lattimore OHio State.jpg

Top needs: FS, WR, DE, CB

The addition of Logan Ryan (and the release of McCourty) shouldn’t scare the Titans away from selecting Lattimore, regarded as the best corner in a strong draft. Too early to take a wide receiver so go with a corner who can make your safeties look good.

6. New York Jets: Mitchell Trubisky. QB. North Carolina.

Mitch Trubisky UNC Tar Heels.jpg

Top needs: CB, DE, WR, G

The Jets have other needs but they seemingly like what Trubisky has to offer.

7. Los Angeles Chargers: Jonathan Allen. DT. Alabama.

Jonathan Allen Alabama.jpg

Top needs: G, CB, RT, S

The Bolts switch to the 4-3 scheme will require more talented bodies up front. Bosa and Allen on the same line? That sounds like a nightmare for offenses.

8. Carolina Panther: Leonard Fournette. RB. LSU.

Leonard Fournette.jpg

Top needs: RT, SS, CB, WR

Not too much of a ground presence to speak of outside of Stewart, who gets injured way too often and isn’t getting any younger. Fournette will provide Newton and the Panthers a serious running threat.

9. Cincinnati Bengals: Derek Barnett. DE. Tennessee.

derek barnett

Top needs: LT, DT, DE, G

The Bengals front line is getting old quick and Barnett a good injection of youth; he can stuff the run and get to the quarterback consistently. It seems unlikely to me the Bengals will take another linebacker (Foster and Burfict) with character issues.

10. Buffalo Bills: Mike Williams. WR. Clemson.

Mike Williams Clemson Buffalo Bills Mock NFL Draft.jpg

Top needs: CB, OLB, RT, WR

I #Billieve the Sean McDermott zone defense will get the Bills defense back into shape, allowing the Bills to spend their first pick on a much needed compliment to Sammy Watkins. With such a deep draft at defensive back, their other glaring needs, the Bills can afford to wait until day two to take a corner or safety. I also wouldn’t count out O.J. Howard here as a wide receiver, tight end hybrid, lets just hope this O.J. turns out better than the last one…

11. New Orleans Saints: Haason Reddick. LB. Temple.

Haason Reddick.jpg

Top needs: LB, DE, CB, G

The Saints defense is a mess (even without Rob Ryan) and linebacker who can terrorize the opposing quarterback like Reddick will point them in the right direction. Reddick seems to be a scheme independent player so the Saints should feel comfortable with this pick.

12. Cleveland Browns: O.J. Howard. TE. Alabama.


Top needs: QB, S, CB, RT

So many needs that any pick will be good here. Why not take a look at Howard, a potential superstar at tight end.

13. Arizona Cardinal: Deshaun Watson. QB. Clemson.

Deshaun Watson NFL Mock Draft.jpg

Top needs: CB, QB, WR, DE

Carsen Palmer surprisingly isn’t the answer at quarterback for the Cards. A year on the bench would seem to be the best thing for Watson but I wouldn’t be surprised if he could win right away, the interceptions should be a concern though.

14. Philadelphia Eagles: Gareon Conley. CB. Ohio State.

Gareon Conley NFL Mock Draft 2017

Top needs: LT, DE, ILB, CB

The eagles could use a serviceable corner and what’s not to like from Conley. He’s a bigger corner with great man coverage skills.

15. Indianapolis Colts: Reuben Foster. LB. Alabama.

Reuben Foster NFL Mock Draft 2017.jpg

Top needs: ILB, RT, G, S

Even with all of Foster’s character concerns he is an amazing talent. Foster can play sideline-to-sideline, cover the more athletic tight ends in the league, and deliver massive hits. Foster, if he can stay in check, can also be a ‘culture changer’ for a defense.

16. Baltimore Ravens: Corey Davis. WR. Western Michigan.

Corey Davis Western Michigan NFL Mock Draft 2017.jpg

Top needs: DE, OLB, RT, WR

The Ravens lost their two starting wide receivers to free agency so Davis could give the Ravens a big boost on offense, a potential number one receiver who’s great in open space.

17. Washington Redskins: Christian McCaffrey. RB. Stanford.

Christian McCaffrey Stanford NFL Mock Draft 2017.jpg

Top needs: QB, RB, OLB, WR

The Skins were gouged on offense this offseason and with the Kirk seemingly on his way out next year (if not this year) the Skins need someone to build around. Insert McCaffrey; he can do it all if utilized properly.

18. Tennessee Titans: John Ross. WR. Washington.

John Ross Washington NFL Mock Draft 2017.jpg

Top needs: FS, WR, DE, CB

After taking a top end corner in Lattimore earlier the Titans should focus on the offensive side of the ball. Ross, if healthy, can be a game changer for Mariota.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Dalvin Cook. RB. Florida St.

Dalvin Cook FSU NFL Mock Draft 2017.jpg

Top needs: S, RB, CB, OT

Jamies needs a running game and a three down back who excels at catching out of the backfield is just what he needs.

20. Denver Broncos: Garett Bolles. OT. Utah.

Garett Bolles NFL Mock Draft 2017.jpg

Top needs: LT, DE, ILB, RB

While Bolles is a decent pass blocker it’s his run blocking that puts him in the first round.

21. Detroit Lions: Charles Harris. LB. Missouri.

Charles Harris Mizzou Mock NFL Draft 2017

Top needs: OLB, DT, ILB, CB

He can play outside linebacker or on the edge depending on the scheme but he knows how to get to the quarterback either way, which is good news for a Lions team that ranked bottom in the league for sacks.

22. Miami Dolphins: Forrest Lamp. OG. Western Kentucky.

Forrest Lamp Western Kentucky 2017 NFL Draft Mock.jpg

Top needs: OLB, DT, FS, G

Arguably the best offensive lineman in the draft but even with his versatility he projects as a guard at the next level. The Phins shouldn’t pass on Lamp if he is still on the board here, he can realistically fill any position on the line for a team who could use some more depth and talent there.

23. New York Giants: Ryan Ramczyk. OT. Wisconsin.

Ryan Ramczyk New York Giants Wisconsin Badgers NFL Draft 2017.jpg

Top needs: LT, OLB, TE, DT

The Giants are desperate for some help on the left side and with their unwillingness to sign a quality left tackle in the offseason points to their trust in flowers or intention to take a tackle in the draft, the latter seems more likely.  

24. Oakland Raiders: Jarrad Davis. LB. Florida.

Jarrad Davis Florida 2017 NFL Mock Draft.jpg

Top needs: OLB, ILB, DT, RB

Maybe the biggest need for the Raiders is at middle linebacker so they should seriously consider taking Davis at 24. Super athletic, Davis possesses the ability to get to the quarterback and stick to tight ends in coverage. He will need to improve his tackling though.

25. Houston Texans: Patrick Mahomes. QB. Texas Tech.

Patrick Mahomes NFL Draft 2017.jpg

Top needs: QB, CB, RT, ILB

Huge arm and Bill O’Brian likes what he sees in Mahomes, lets see if he can harness his game in an extremely more complex big league system.

26. Seattle Seahawks: Cam Robinson. OT. Alabama.

Cam Robinson Alabama 2017 NFL Mock Draft.jpg

Top needs: LT, DT, G, OLB

The Seahawks have spent eight picks on offensive lineman in the last three drafts so history would state that they’d do it again. Robinson some exceptional ability but he is too inconsistent to warrant a higher grade. If he can put it all together he will be a steal at this spot.

27. Kansas City Chiefs: Marlon Humphry. CB. Alabama.

Marlon Humphrey Alabama 2017 NFL Draft.JPG

Top needs: CB, ILB, G, WR

Humphry is a big corner with great press skills and good zone coverage ability. The Chiefs need another cover corner on the opposite side of Peters.

28. Dallas Cowboys: Takkarist Mckinley. DE. UCLA.

Takkarist Mckinley UCLA 2017 NFL Draft.jpg

Top needs: DE, CB, S, RT

The Boys secondary definitely took a hit this offseason so adding another pass rusher to elevate some of the pressure is important. A raw player with special explosiveness and length but he will need some time to develop.

29. Green Bay Packers: Tre’Davious White. CB. LSU.

Tre’Davious White LSU 2017 NFL Draft.jpg

Top needs: CB, ILB, G, RB

White has great athleticism that allows him to play outside or in the slot. The Packers have a huge hole on the back end and will value the versatility and polished game White brings.

30. Pittsburgh Steelers: Jabrill Peppers. S. Michigan.

Jabrill Peppers 2017 Mock NFL Draft.jpg

Top needs: ILB, OLB, WR, S

An athletic freak, Peppers projects as a safety or corner in the big leagues. He has plenty of coverage concerns but he can flat out play and the Steelers should take a chance on him to fill either the safety or corner position.

31. Atlanta Falcons: Malik McDowell. DT. Michigan St.

Malik McDowell 2017 NFL Mock Draft.jpg

Top needs: DE, OG, WR, OLB

McDowell can beat blockers with strength or athleticism but his technique and motivation are big question marks. The falcons have such an explosive offense that defense should be their concern.

32. New Orleans Saints: Taco Charlton. DE. Michigan.

Taco Charlton Michigan 2017 NFL Draft Predictions.jpg

Top needs: OLB, DE, ILB, CB

The Saints need a lot of help on defense with some of the worst sack numbers last year and Charlton can be a day one contributor with his great hand technique.



So there you have it, the 2017 NFL Mock Draft by our newest writer Spaghetti Cam. He eats, sleeps, breathes the NFL Draft so I imagine he will go 32-for-32 on these picks.

Stay tuned for more draft talk and updates in the coming week as the NFL Draft starts next Thursday, April 27th at 8pm!!