Let me paint a picture for you. Little 10 year old Ragu was waiting to go to his science class and, when he walked in, there was no teacher. There was only a TV that was about a foot and a half thick on a cart with a VCR/DVD player connected to it. We had a substitute teacher, and it was a GOOD day. Even better when I looked and saw the “Bill Nye” VHS sitting on the cart… I mean, come on! Bill was the Man!!!


And now, he has a new show on Netflix called, “Bill Saves the World.” Yeah, well? His new show, SUCKS!

I was hyped to see that he was back with a new show! I’ve seen the videos on Facebook that he posts every once in a while about how the US can be completely sustained by renewable energy. But his show is just nuts.

I mean, I’ve been watching the news for a few years now, and I get that pretty much all news is biased (I think we have all realized that by now), but the dude is a straight up DICK! Like I get that he is passionate about science and such, but each episode he brings in a panel to discuss the topic of his show. Two of the people on his panel he agrees with, the other one he just slams the entire time.


He actually just cuts people off and then basically says, “You’re an idiot!” Like okay, maybe alternative medicine is just that: alternative, and a lot of it can’t be proven – but at least let the acid-dropping, film-making hippie speak!

They basically take the best parts about everything they are pushing, and talk about how there are no downsides, and then don’t talk about any side effects. And any competing science? Mention only their flaws!

On top of that, he actually isn’t funny in this show. He tries to make it like his old show (which was great) buuut for an adult, it just straight up not funny.


So I don’t know. It is good to see Bill again, but not in this case. Netflix, you blew this one. Maybe I am horribly biased, but who knows.



Ragu, out