I absolutely love everything about this Machado- Pedroia situation. For those who don’t know Machado had a nasty slide Friday night into Pedroia’s calf which injured him. At first I was heated. Seeing Pedey go down was not something any Red Sox fan wants to see, and because it was a slide that took it down, I instantly thought it was a dirty slide. But after the replay, it was clean.  Not clean as in a good slide, but clean as in it wasn’t intentional.

It was a pretty dirty, but again- not intentional.  You can see Machado get up and help Pedroia right away, knowing he fucked up.  If Machado intentionally done it, there would have been none of that.  There is debate over weather or not that slide should have been interference because of the new slide rule, but I don’t think it was at all.  I hate the new slide rule because it isn’t black and white about what exactly the rule is.  As I see it, as long as you are not clearly going out of the way to take out the man at second, you’re good.  This play, even as a Red Sox fan, was clean. That’s just baseball.  People get hurt sliding into to second,  they rest it off for a week, then move forward.   

Both teams thought they had moved forward from the incident because nothing happened during the Saturday game.   But, because of a wild pitch from Matt Barnes on Sunday, the WWIII almost started.


Bad pitch.  Again, as a theme to this whole situation – nothing intentional.  The benches started to stand up and I was getting ready for a brawl, but nothing happened :(.  In reality this was a good thing.  No one wants to get hit in the head and I’m surprised Machado didn’t do anything.   Pedroia’s reaction to this is gold:

Pedroia is basically saying, “This isn’t me.  If I wanted something done, it would’ve been yesterday.”  Which is true, and I think why Machado didn’t do anything.  If the Red Sox were going to retaliate, they would have beamed him in the Saturday game, and for sure wouldn’t be at the dome.

Here’s what Pedroia had to say about the whole situation

“I had nothing to do with that. That’s not how you do that, man. I’m sorry to him and his team. If you’re going to protect guys you do it right away. He knows that and both teams know that. Definitely a mishandled situation.”

“There’s zero intentions of him (Machado) trying to hurt me. He just made a bad slide and did hurt me. It’s baseball, man. I’m not mad at him. I love Manny Machado. Love playing against him. Love watching him. If I slide into third base and got Manny’s knee, I know I’m going to get drilled. It’s baseball. I get drilled I go to first base. I apologized to him. C’mon man.”

I never knew Pedroia was the type of guy to say “man” at the end of each sentence.

Bring on the Yankees