I know as Knicks fans we tend to throw away players real fast because they aren’t superstars right now or we run guys out of town because they aren’t bringing us titles TODAY.

Buuuuut, last night I was watching the Hawks-Wizards game and I heard myself saying, “Oh shit, (insert last name of ex-Knick player here) – ex-Knick great” quite a few times.

And while I was being completely sarcastic calling them “greats” – it woke me up to the realization: there are a LOT of ex-Knickerbockers in the playoffs. So, I went and found them all. This may hurt if you’re a New York fan, so if you don’t have a drink – I suggest you go grab one… Shall we?

Jose Calderon (ATL), Tim Hardaway Jr (ATL), Brandon Jennings (WAS), Jason Smith (WAS), Derrick Williams (CLE), JR Smith (CLE), Iman Shumpert (CLE), Kevin Seraphin (IND), Jerian Grant (CHI), Robin Lopez (CHI), David Lee (SA), Trevor Ariza (HOU), Nene Hilario* (HOU), Raymond Felton (LAC), Jamal Crawford (LAC).

ex-Knicks Players In the Playoffs

And while I realize these FIFTEEN guys would together probably never have made us a contending team, it certainly makes you think… Why couldn’t we have done it here? What’s wrong with US?

And we can’t even go coaching because Mike Woodson is an assistant on the Clippers, and D’Antoni is coaching a team on the verge of the Second Round of the playoffs, and one of the best offenses in the NBA.

 new girl frustrated couch jake johnson nick miller GIF

This is definitely a tough one to swallow… Here’s to another offseason Knicks Fam!!


* = Kind of. We drafted Nene, then traded him before he ever played a game as a Knick.