Tailgate Tuesday is back this week and ready to keep some fresh tune-age in that playlist of yours. Nothing better than enjoying a cold Natty Light, kicking back outside in the sun and blaring some new country tunes with your dog and some friends… Maybe some chaw dogs are involved – I DON’T KNOW!!

Billy Beane Chaw Dog.jpg

Alright, so this week won’t feature a TON of songs, but the songs we got are en fuego. Check em out, download them (or however normal people get music nowadays) and make the rest of this work week fly right by.

1.) Florida Georgia Line – Smooth

2.) OSMR РSweet Life

3.) Russell Dickerson – Blue Tacoma

Like I said, not too too many this week. Sometimes you gotta sit back and wait for the good jams to appear – you can’t just force it.

 last one GIF

If you’re looking for the old Tailgate Tuesdays, here is the last one, and here is the first week’s. We will keep firing these out until we get ourselves a page up with a solid playlist, or maybe a Spotify/SoundCloud… You know, whatever is best for everyone – we do this for the people!



Make Your Country Playlist Great Again,