While Water Cooler Sports is in it’s infancy (more like we’re still in the nut ready to explode out), dinosaurs like ESPN are struggling. And today???


Just this morning, a lot of really great ESPN personalities got out of bed this morning having no freaking clue at the end of the day they would no longer be working for the worldwide leader in sports.

Here is the memo ESPN president John Skipper wrote (if you care to see what he said):

John Skipper Memo to Employees Layoff April 26 2017.PNG

I don’t really want to go down the whole list of those laid off, so I’ll name the ones you know and really should be fucking shocked by:

Jaymee Sire, Jay Crawford, Trent Dilfer, Robin Lundberg (NY radio listeners would recognize), Jayson Stark, Danny Kanell, and Ed Werder. I heard Barry Melrose too was out as well, but he was off DeadSpin’s running list. Also worth noting, Karl Ravech, Ryan Russillo and Hannah Storm were all informed their roles would be significantly reduced.

Really shitty but a reminder that every stars have shitty days and lose their jobs too. Everyone is human, we’re in this rat race together.



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