I saw this on the news yesterday morning and it just came across my to-do list to post it. Maybe this is late, but #YOLO!! If you haven’t heard – well shit, now you’ll know!

Caitlyn Jenner is out and about promoting her new book and she dropped this one…

I would seriously look at a run.”

Now, she’s not talking about the same running she did when she was Bruce #tbt…

Bruce jenner tbt.jpg

…no, she’s talking about running for office! AS A REPUBLICAN!!

Jenner says she believes in limited government so she aligns more closely with the Republicans than she would with Democrats. Absolutely wild stuff.

I’d say this is crazy and that the Bible Belt would never let this happen – but they voted right this past November¬†after the Billy Bush video came out… So hey, crazier things have happened!

An Olympic hero, to a reality TV star turned tranny, to president? That’s the sort of path I think when I think “President.”



Good Lord,