Now we know ESPN has had an issue not having enough people left to report the real news – so let us do it for you…

BREAKING NEWS: Our very own Taylor has declared himself for the draft with just hours to go until the big show. A late entry but an interesting one for sure – Taylor has that go get ’em mentality and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. A real gritty, Jim Harbaugh type -a football guy. So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at his player profile:

Position: Quarterback
: Le Moyne College
Age: 26
: 5’9″
Weight: 150 lbs
Throws: R
Player Comparison: Chad Pennington

Now those numbers (and random player comparison) may not knock your socks off, but his combine certainly will… The only question is – are you ready for your first look at the next great QB?



The first, and most important (if you’re a Buffalo Bills GM), combine “event” that took place was the hand measurement:

Next up, the 40-yard dash. Now, Taylor has struggled with 40’s in the past – but goddamn does he make it look great. Like a hybrid between Michael Irving and Randy Moss.

Now, at this point if you are a GM, your socks are SOAKEDĀ #sorrynotsorry. But we all must move on. You need to see the entire body of work.

Next event? The 3 cone drill.

Shifty like Barry Sanders but as explosive as Darren Sproles… What can’t this man do?!

The next event – the shuttle.

Oh shit, did you blink? YOU MISSED IT!!

At this point, it’s a no brainer we have a Top 5 talent on our hands. Surefire franchise quarterback. Do we really need to do any more events?


They say a great test to whether quarterbacks are great is their leap-ability… Let’s see Taylor’s. The Standing Broad Jump (this video was completely unedited and I found it way too funny to cut any of it out):

Can’t you just see Taylor diving from the 5-yard line for the pylon and just soaring through the air like the white Michael Vick? LOOK OUT WORLD.

Lastly, and this was my personal favorite – the vertical.

Alright. So physically he is one of the more gifted athletes in the draft, there’s no doubt there, but what about his footwork?

Sign ’em up! Get this kid a contract. Those are the fleet feet of a young Rich Gannon.

You don’t need to see him throw the ball ONCE to know his mechanics are perfect and he’s the next Brett Farve. Pretty stoked for tonight. This late entry to the draft may mess up many experts’ Mock Drafts, but hey, if you’re a GM you gotta roll with the punches.



Taylor’s Combine Scorecard for those of you keeping score at home:

Hand Size – 7 1/8″
40 Yard Dash – 5.26
3 Cone Drill – 10.31
Shuttle – 5.57
Broad Jump – 90″
Vertical – 24″

It think we all know how this story ends…

Taylor Declares for the NFL Draft COMBINE