My biggest takeaway from the draft last night? It’s waaayyyy too long and drawn out. Holy Moses!

I personally think Goodell did that on purpose to punish all those in Philly who were booing him. Isn’t it wild no matter where he goes he gets viciously booed? That really has to do a number on your psyche. Absolutely brutal.

And since last night was CRAZY long, I’m not going to draw out anything in connection to the Draft anymore… No way, Jose! We are going to keep this short and sweet and just talk about our three New York franchises and the moves they made.



Out of the three teams, the Bills would be my winner for Round 1. The Bills traded down from #10, and got a nice return of picks from Kansas City – the #27 pick, the Chiefs Third Round pick this year AND the Chiefs First Round pick next year. They shouldn’t bail on Tyrod Taylor in my opinion just yet, so getting a quarterback would be insane. Getting more picks, more opportunities to improve in other areas – yeah, good move.

Plus, they ended up coming away with a defensive back in LSU’s Tre’Davious White. He’s a cover corner, a little small, but a four year starter in the SEC. This is definitely NOT the stupid first round pick I almost was expecting from Buffalo. Maybe not an A+ just not an F.

Buffalo Bills Tre-Davious White NFL Draft.jpg


Evidently the AFC East and LSU defensive backs were a trend this year, huh? The Jets took the Tigers Safety Jamaal Adams with the #6 pick.

Jamaal Adams NFL Draft New York Jets.jpg

Gruden loved this guy calling him the “best player in the draft” – hard to tell though cuz I bet Gruden gets excited talking football to anyone. Honestly, Gruden calling him the best player in the draft just means Adams loves to talk football, so he won over the former coach’s heart during a conversation.

Again, like the Bills – I half expected the Jets to take a 4th quarterback onto their roster and pretend like that is their only issue. Well, it’s a shame they didn’t because I really wouldn’t liked to get to know Mitch Trubisky better…

Mitch Trubisky Tweet December 2011 I Love to Kiss Titties.jpg

This is a rebuilding team and a young talented defensive back could be a nice piece to build around. Solid pick Jets.


Miller accused me of hating all Giants players this morning which is ludicrous, I just call a spade a spade (Eli is inaccurate… I don’t care he has two Super Bowl rings). And this pick was a little confusing to me in that we haven’t addressed the offensive line in free agency, I assumed maybe through the draft we would, but we spent our First Round pick on a tight end… I get that our tight ends weren’t up to par (or even bogeys for that matter) but I just didn’t see tight end as our area of need… not in the First Round at least.

That being said, Evan Engram, tight end from Ole Miss, who ran a faster 40 than Brandon Marshall – essentially a wide receiver with a massive frame – I’m very dtf with that. With the #23 pick in the draft, Engram may have seemed like a reach, but I heard he could’ve just been a diamond in the rough and I don’t think we’ll hate it when we have a competent tight end out there this year… Maybe better than competent honestly:

Eli hasn’t had a long term tight end since early in his career in Jeremy Shockey. His carousel of tight ends includes Kevin Boss, Martellus Bennett, Jake Ballard, Bear Pascoe, (my boy) Larry Donnell and Will Tye “The Touchdown Guy” among others. Kevin Boss’ career was over after he left New York and only Bennett really went on to be anything worth missing.

This kid from Ole Miss could be a wonderful addition to a ridiculous passing attack alongside Marshall, OBJ and Shepard… if as Eli has time to get them the ball.

…But that is a biiiiiiig “IF”!!



Not a bad first round for any of the three of New York’s teams honestly. Pumped for what this weekend has to offer in the later rounds, I just hope they move it along a little quicker than the First Round because that was like watching paint dry.