If you were anything like me, your weekend was a wildcard ranging from watching the pinstripes come from down 9-1 on Friday night, to being there live at Yankees Stadium for a total smackdown of the O’s, to Rutgers Stadium last night for a Women’s Pro Soccer game… But in all that ruckus, I never had a chance to recap and talk some NFL football. So this week, we’ll go team by team for our New York franchises and who the new faces are on the squad.

We’ll start with Big Blue. Who’d we get, and what are my thoughts on each pickup!

1st Round: Evan Engram (TE) Ole Miss
Not what I wanted with my first round, I definitely wanted some help at the offensive line, but after reading up on this guy – he had a faster 40 than Odell and is 6’3″ with the hands of a god. Even if Eli has the same shit offensive line this year, at least he’s got a tight end how can move unlike last year.

2nd Round: Dalvin Tomlinson (DT) Alabama
I was afraid losing Hankins to the Colts was going to be a HUGE problem for the defense this year – especially since last year that was the only reason we went 11-5. At least we can hope Tomlinson can help stop the bleeding. PLUS, any Alabama player that gives me the chance to yell “Roll Tide” in MetLife is good by me.

3rd Round: Davis Webb (QB) California
I am not going to sit here and say we have our post-Eli, franchise quarterback in Webb. BUT we at least gave ourselves an opportunity at one. He’s a coaches son which everyone knows is a huge intangible. He’s got bear paws (9 1/8″ hands). And he already has the Eli look down pretty good:

4th Round: Wayne Gallman (RB) Clemson
Again, I am certainly one of those Giants fans who 100% would have seen the O-Line get help instead of blaming our running back (Jennings) for our terrible rushing attack last year. That being said, we let Jennings go and needed a replacement. And a guy who averaged a dozen TD’s a year at Clemson, knows how to win and believes in himself 1000% percent? I can get behind this pick.

5th Round: Avery Moss (DE) Youngstown St
Is it really an NFL Draft if the Giants don’t select a defensive end? This guy had some red flags as he has been kicked out of Nebraska and the even after following his old coach to Youngstown State, he got a one game suspension there. My guess is, he arrives in New York, some veterans tell him wtf is up with how to conduct yourself, and he either gets it and we have a nice talent on our hands, or we cut him loose (in which case we lost a 5th rounder… OOPS!). Personally, you could just look in him eyes and know he’s got the soul of an angel:

Avery Moss Youngstown State DE New York Giants.jpg

6th Round: Adam Bisnowaty (OG) Pittsburgh
Well, I had to wait until the 6th round, but we got ourselves an offensive lineman!! The guy is huge – 6’6″ 304 lbs!! And once I read this quote from him, it’s REALLY easy for me to say I’m ALL IN on this guy: “I’m a nasty football player. I get after people… I make sure the guy across from me wants to quit.” That is a SAVAGE quote. All I can hope is that he can hone some of that into solid blocking for this team – God knows we need it.

So six new faces added to the team this weekend that I am pretty pumped about. I’m not saying these are necessarily “all we needed” but it’s a start!

Absolutely pumped to be talking some New York Giants football in May, NOT pumped I had to pay an arm and a leg for these season tickets though…