How in the hell did I blink and it’s already May?! We’re less than a month away from MDW and, good lord, that means summer is almost here… so we’re closing in on barbecues, beach season and Budweiser special edition summer ‘Merican cans!! What a time to be alive!

Now, like we do every Monday as the worldwide leaders in sports, we stand and honor our country with the singing of our national anthem… This week we’re giving props to the Preds after their win yesterday, and have their undisputed #1 bae, Carrie Underwood, sing us into this week.

God, that woman is perfect. Mike Fisher is my hero.

Also, gotta hand it to our girl Yazmin from Rollins College for the fuego cover pic. It’s almost boat season and NOTHING says ‘Merica like a couple babes waving that red, white & blue out on the water!

Now, do yourself a favor and get over to her page and like the hell outta her stuff – jazz_handzz. Do it. She deserves it.



Monday’s (through Sunday’s) are for Merica,