Yes, the talk of the Bronx is probably about, the honorable, Aaron Judge and how he swings his dick gavel around like a savage (I mean, he’s leading the league with 12 home runs right now, BY THE WAY), buuuuut I’d be remiss if I didn’t show you the most outrageous play from last night’s 11-5 win over Toronto.

Dellin Betances came in after Tyler Clippard got one single out and rode the struggle bus pretty hard in the 7th inning… We all kinda figured (despite the bases being loaded if I remember correctly) “Eh, it’ll be fine, Betances will get us out of this!” aaaaand then he threw this pitch…

I swear to you this was me…

This is Fine.jpg

Luckily, the 5 run lead we had was enough last night, and the Yanks held on to win.

Now, for those of you sabermetric nerds Keeping Score at Home (#RIP) that pitch actually was ruled a Balk, not a Wild Pitch. How? I have no idea… That may have to be saved for a Freakout Friday topic because balks are just about the least defined thing on the planet to me – like a carry in the NBA or consent!!

Regardless, wonderful stuff from Betances. Truly a “pitch you can’t hit.” Let’s keep it going Bombers!!



Betances Pitches are Unhittable,