Sky Blue or F*C* you. I was blown away with this game experience. Way more people than I expected, a good friendly atmosphere and the squad won. Since I know everyone reading this has already viewed Taylor and my post game podcast, I’ll shine some light on things we didn’t have to opportunity to discuss yet.

Yurcak Field: The grass was a little patchy. I mean you could tell there was some cover up sod work. It looked nicely groomed and cut to the ideal footballing length, but it’s no Red Bull Arena. I would have enjoyed some cleaner cut patterns and maybe a deeper green coloring for the grass, but that’s just my preference. Fun fact: the sports complex (pool, football and soccer fields) are located on the Busch Campus. So obviously I indulged in a few before the game.

Busch beer busch busch beer GIF

Seating: Brutal, cold steel seats. It was windy and my butt was frozen. It wasn’t much better for the players cause they where using the shitty benches that had the B.S. wind covering shell but no pads to sit on. I mean come on, let’s respect the talent.

Food & Beverage: The Beer Garden was surprising live. It’s the only part of the “stadium” that you can purchase adult beverages so obviously it’s gonna attract a crowd. $7 beers was pretty shitty, BUT they give you a 5 minute warning before they stop serving.

Cloud 9: They have a good supporters group. A nice little drum section with plenty of snares. Now, I wouldn’t be calling them Ultras, but that’s a debate for another day. Stay alert: next game we’re going hard.

Now I can’t just talk about the stadium and atmosphere with pro’s and con’s. As any humble man must admit, he can always improve. Player interviews, aggressive tailgating, fan reactions and much more to come.



Formation Changes Won that Game,



P.S. Our postgame on-field interview with Coach Christie Holly will drop later this week, stay tuned. Video editing evidently isn’t Taylor’s best skillset.