Internet giveaway’s are probably one of the more hilarious things on the planet to me… They’re usually something like, “If you like this post, and follow us on SnapChat then you’ll be entered in a drawing to win a free bicycle helmet that will be announced on my Facebook Live tonight at 9pm!! So tune in!!

However, one came out today from Sunny Co Clothing and it has taken the Instagram world by storm.

Okay, maybe not the “Instagram world” per se, buuuuut Water Cooler Sports, in its infinite quest for babes for Merica Monday, follows LOTS of Instagram models… And in that “Instagram World” – yeah, a free bikini giveaway is a big freaking deal. Look at this all showing up on my feed in the last hour:

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(For those of you detectives out there, yes, Ragu did post it himself… Gotta love that kid!)

Evidently all you gotta do is post THAT picture and tag sunnycoclothing and boom, free bikini.

I love it. I mean, I’m all about the one piece revival too – but nothing wrong with a free bikini! Summer is coming, prepare accordingly, so post that damn thing ladies (and Ragu)!!



Make Beach Season Great Again,