Before I get going on some hot takes, shoutout to the Boston fans who cheered Jones yesterday, basically saying fuck you to whatever racist dickheads were there the other night. Classy move – even if just a batter later your ace threw behind Machado to even things right up…

and here we go.gif

Okay, I want to blast just about everybody here for this O’s-Red Sox, Jones-Fenway, BLAH BLAH BLAH explosion coming out of MLB’s newest bitter rivalry.

The fans at Fenway AT LARGE, I’m sure, are just as normal fans as anyone else in the country. They heckle and they curse, as does everyone – and there’s always going to be some asshole in every crowd who is going to take it too far like whatever asshole did with dropping the N-bomb on Adam Jones. So anyone calling the Fenway fans racist, or the city of Boston racist, get the hell out! That is ONE guy, or one group of assholes. The entire city’s heroes for the longest time (as long as I can remember) have been David Ortiz or Paul Pierce, and the city’s messiah right now is Isaiah Thomas… I would say that pretty #diverse.

Now, let’s go to people (Stephen A Smith) saying that throwing baseballs at people’s heads is life threatening. Okay, let’s slow down and remind ourselves that this game has been governed by the same unwritten rules forever. If the any team feels they need to retaliate, then let them fire away. I get that it may hurt Machado, but then maybe he shouldn’t have earned the reputation of being a player who’s a jackass – fair or otherwise. But to call getting a baseball thrown at you “life threatening” – guys baseball has been around for almost 200 years and people have been wearing pitches PROBABLY for quite a few of them… COME ON!!

(That being said, loved Machado’s rant. There were more cuss words in that interview than Limp Bizkit’s Break Stuff)

And we’ll finish by calling out those morons (arguably who started this whole thing) who thought that Machado’s slide was “sooooo dirty“… Guys, you run as fast as you can at a base, slide, have your foot hit a base and see if you can control it from popping up or sideways or wherever! Machado’s slide a few weeks back wasn’t dirty. It certainly wasn’t worthy of starting a unbelievable bloodbath rivalry between the two franchises!

Also, couple quick notes on the slide, if I’m intentionally sliding and taking your ass out – (A) I’m not stopping to catch you from falling like Manny did and (B) you better fight me right then and there. There were plenty of Red Sox right there if they wanted to jump Machado’s ass right from the get go if they thought it was dirty… But they didn’t. Are they pussies or did they just know it wasn’t intentional??

I don’t know, this whole thing seems to be crazy and the injection of Boston being called racist put me over the top.

I love baseball and all its unwritten rules. Keep pegging players and protecting your teams.



AL East is LIT,



P.S. Hey Machado, there is a team that the Red Sox hate more than anyone if you’d like to take your talents to the Bronx and give Boston that big “fuck you” if you are interested… Just saying.