Besides beer (which honestly is your every down back and is always there for you), I have two drink choices and it is 100% seasonal. When it’s cold, there’s a good chance I’m feeling scotch – it warms you up and is just delightful. When summer rolls around, I’m a gin and tonic guy. Nothing gets me going like a few refreshing G&T’s, LET ME TELL YA!!

So here’s my pro tip for the near future – join the G&T movement… more specifically, let’s drink all the Bombay Sapphire that are out there!

Why Bombay? Are they Water Cooler Sports’ newest sponsors?

 no nope never jay z nah GIF

No, and not just because we aren’t sell outs – we want you to get exactly the experience you’re looking for!

Recently, it’s became known that Bombay has had HUGE recalls because their Sapphire gin has been pulled off the shelves for having DOUBLE the alcohol by volume than it is advertised as.

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This weekend, sunny and 75, yeah – your boy Taylor will be be drowning in G&T’s and I hope I get one of those special edition bottles that will put you on your ass.



No GTL – Just G&T,